Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair Vaughan

Unlike most companies that rush to replace we here at I repair will examine the opener and repair it rather then replace it. most of the times the machine is in good position and has a minor defect that there is no value in changing it. Call us no and see why you dont need a new machine every couple years and why your current machine may be good for 15 years


Garage Door Opener Installation Vaughan

Garage Door Repair Vaughan offers the widest selection of  high quality residential and commercial Garage Door Openers. We carry Belt Driver Garage Openers, Chain Drive Garage Openers, as well as a wide variety of Garage Door Parts, Accessories and Remotes to complete you Garage Door opener Installation.

when purchasing an opener from our firm you will be given the full package which includes 2 remotes for your cars as well as a keypad for outside. depending on door weight and desired opener our prices are as followed

service call: $60

Opener: 480-680

(289) 474-5504